Golden Shiner Rattlebait

Golden Shiner Rattlebait

True multi-species and all-season lure.  Unique for winter Walleye vertically jigged through the ice.  Perfectly balanced to sit upright when resting on bottom.  Works for both feeding and reaction strikes.  Color 208 is the perfect match for Florida Golden Shiners.  Loud rattles.



Cast the lure and allow to sink to the desired depth, then retrieve at varying speeds.

Deflect the lure off structure such as tree stumps, rocks or grass tips.

Cast the lure and align the retrieve to make contact with various structures.

Savvy ice fisherman have discovered that LIVETARGET rattlebaits produce reaction bites when jigged with a yo-yo action through the ice. Watch your sonar to see if fish are suspended, or are near the bottom and control your depth accordingly. Secret technique for big walleyes!

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